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We have developed user guides for many different kinds of hardware, software, and telecommunications projects.
Here's a short list.

Does support for your high-tech product or service cost too much? We can help!

We can develop a user guide for you that:

  • Helps sell your product or service

  • Increases customer satisfaction

  • Dramatically reduces your training and support costs

For start-up companies, top-quality user guides demonstrate to investors that products and services are marketable and user-friendly.

For Fortune 500 companies, top-quality user guides separate the leaders from the also-rans, who are overwhelmed with support costs.

We can deliver a comprehensive user support package: a user guide, a quick start guide, a quick reference guide, and a help system that let your customers learn your product or service quickly and find answers to questions without asking your technical support staff.

Here are two sample software user guides:

Here are two sample hardware user guides: