User's Guide Saves Company One Million Dollars Annually!
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Cut your support costs!

GE Information Services in Rockwell, Maryland, estimated that the user's guide for its software products saved over one million dollars annually in support costs.

To obtain this estimate, GE Information Services compared support calls by five customer companies. Four companies received the user's guide provided by GE Information Services, while one company produced its own user's guide. That company called for support 641 times over a five-month period. Over the same period, the other four companies together called for support a total of 59 times.

To obtain the annual cost savings, GE Information Services estimated the cost of the calls they avoided by providing their clients with an effective user's guide.

Source: "A Good User's Guide Means Fewer Support Calls and Lower Support Costs," Cathy J. Spenser and Diana Kilbourn Yates, Technical Communication, February 1995, pgs. 52-55.

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