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Anton Bruckner photograph

Composers' Comments about Bruckner

Here are the composers (in chronological order):

  1. Johann Strauss
  2. Johannes Brahms
  3. Gustav Mahler
  4. Jean Sibelius
  5. Igor Stravinsky

Now here are the comments, in order from least to most flattering. Guess which composer made which comment!

  1. "Everything has its limits. Bruckner lies beyond them, one cannot make head or tail of his things, one cannot even discuss them."

  2. "You are carried away by the magnificence and wealth of his inventiveness, but at the same time you are repeatedly disturbed by its fragmentary character which breaks the spell."

  3. Upon hearing a performance of Bruckner's Third Symphony (1889 version), this composer "described Bruckner as 'the greatest living composer' whose symphony had made 'a great impression' on him. Admittedly it had its share of mistakes and miscalculations, the structure was 'mad' and it was quite 'un-Mozartean'; nevertheless, although the composer was 'an old man,' there was something fresh and youthful about it."

  4. Upon returning home from the Vienna premiere of his Seventh Symphony, Bruckner found this telegram waiting for him: "I am completely overcome. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

  5. "I think that the Adagio of the Ninth Symphony [of Bruckner] must be accounted one of the most truly inspired of all works in symphonic form."

Are you ready? Here are the answers.

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