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We are experts at communicating the knowledge required to develop, market, install, and support technical products and services.

Our business cases, white papers, and technical overviews have helped secure 40 million dollars for high-tech start-up companies and advanced technology projects at Fortune 500 companies.

Our user guides, installation guides, quick start guides, quick reference guides, and help systems have increased customer satisfaction with our clients' products and services while dramatically reducing installation, training, and support costs.

We developed the U.S. telecommunications industry's first digital subscriber line (DSL) customer self-installation guides. The guides decreased technician installations at customer sites from 90 to 10 percent and saved our client $100 per customer self-installation.

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Our technical publications supply the knowledge our clients need to cut costs and build sales. Find out more!

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White Paper Writing Guide
Learn how to write a white paper that achieves marketing goals by explaining technical ideas.

Business Case Primer
Our most popular download explains how to prepare a business case.

Winning the Financial Whac-a-Mole Game
Are your savings in one area popping up as costs somewhere else? Our four-page article offers solutions.

How to Build Sales with Educational Media
Our six-page white paper examines a typical sales process and shows how educational media can achieve goals in sales as well as training and education.

Adding Value: Using Technical Communications to Cut Costs and Build Sales
Technical communications should not be annoying corporate expenses. They are opportunities to improve profitability. Our eight-page white paper shows you how to take advantage of those opportunities.

Usability Testing on a Shoestring Budget
Make sure customers can use your products and services. Our four-page article explains how to conduct low-cost usability testing.

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