Impact Technical Publications Installation Guides

Don't scare your customers with long, user-hostile installation guides!

Give them installation guides that actually help them install your products.

Letter from satisfied user

We can develop an installation guide for you that:
  • Gets your customers up and running quickly

  • Dramatically reduces your installation support costs

  • Gives your customers a positive installation experience

We can deliver a comprehensive user installation package: an installation guide, a quick start guide, and a help system that give users at different skill levels the help they need in the format they like best.

We conduct effective and economical usability testing to make sure your installation guide enables users to install your product or service.

Major Cost Savings!

Our installation guides for a high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service increased customer self-installations from 10 to 90 percent. Each customer-self installation saved our client $100 by avoiding a "truck roll" - an on-site installation by a highly trained technician. With the help of our guides, our client achieved the first successful DSL self-installation program in the U.S.