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Frequently asked questions about our company

Since 1990, Impact Technical Publications has been communicating the knowledge required to develop, market, install, and support technical products and services.

Our clients include AT&T Broadband, Baan, GE Analytical Instruments, Lucent Technologies, PENTAX Imaging Company, Production Control Systems, Qwest, Spatial Technology, Tech-X Corporation, U S WEST, webMethods, and the State of Colorado.

The project manager and lead technical writer for Impact Technical Publications is Al Kemp. He adds other technical writers when needed.

On most projects, Al works with a technical illustrator who also serves as the designer. Most technical illustrators have excellent design skills, and they favor the clear, readable designs that work best with technical and technical marketing publications.

When projects require additional skills, Al partners with highly talented technology specialists including instructional designers, multimedia pros, Web designers, and translators.

High-Quality Work at a Competitive Price

Our technical and marketing communications are competitive with the best work of technical and marketing communication departments at Fortune 500 companies. The Specialties section of our website contains many samples of our work.

Our small, results-oriented teams minimize your cost. You do not pay for overhead. You pay for highly talented technical professionals - when you need them, for as long as you need them.

Extensive High-Tech Experience

Our work with industry leaders in hardware, software, and telecommunications includes many different high-tech projects. Here is a short list.

Goal-Driven Development Process

We get results by using a proven development process that starts with the goals you want to achieve. We use those goals to drive the project through a series of iterative work phases that maximize quality while keeping costs to a minimum.