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Our business cases, white papers, and product technical overviews have helped secure $40M for our clients.

Are your savings in one area popping up as costs somewhere else? Read our four-page article: Winning the Financial Whac-a-Mole Game.

We specialize in business cases for high-tech projects.

We can develop a business case for you that:

  • Demonstrates the business value of your project by highlighting key benefits and return on investment

  • Explains how your project works so that your audience will understand how the technologies enable the business value

Here are two sample business cases:

Our free Business Case Primer shows you how to write a business case that will convince your audience that your project is an excellent investment.

Here are three business case tips from the guide.

For in-depth information about preparing a business case, see our list of recommended books.

For more information about our technical marketing publications, see technical overviews and white papers.