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Please contact us if you can't access an example or if you have read an excellent white paper that is not on our list. (No self-promotion, please!)

We will provide new examples of excellent white papers when the examples on this page are removed from the Web.

Here are links to the seven excellent white papers discussed in Appendix C of the White Paper Writing Guide:
  1. Introducing the Digital Negative Specification: Information for Manufacturers

    Published by: Adobe Systems Incorporated

  2. Redefining Security to Combat Today's Malware Threats

    Published by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    Note: As of 9/22/09, the white paper is available from the ZDNet UK website but requires registration. When we chose the white paper, it was available without registration. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  3. Radio Revolution

    The Coming Age of Unlicensed Wireless

    Author: Kevin Werbach
    Published by: New America Foundation

  4. Podcasting & Vodcasting: a White Paper

    Definitions, Discussions & Implications

    Author: Peter Meng
    Published by: IAT Services, University of Missouri, March 2005
    Republished at the Apple Computer Web site

  5. Records Management Redefined: From The Backroom To The Boardroom

    Managing Business Content to Improve Business Efficiency & Accountability

    Authors: Randolph Kahn, Esq. & Barclay T. Blair
    Published by: LEGATO Systems, Inc.

  6. eXtensible Metadata Platform

    A Manager's Introduction to Adobe eXtensible Metadata Platform, The Adobe XML Metadata Framework

    Published by: Adobe Systems Incorporated

  7. Corporate Blogging: Is It Worth the Hype?

    Authors: John Cass, Kristine Munroe, and Stephen Turcotte
    Published by Backbone Media, Inc.

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