Impact Technical Publications Show Business Value
Business Benefits and Technical Benefits

We once read a white paper written by an Information Technology professional who broke the benefits into two categories: "Business Benefits" and "Technical Benefits."

Don't make this mistake!

If a "technical benefit" is not a "business benefit," it's not a benefit.

To achieve your white paper's goals, you should show how the technology, product, or service delivers business value to the people who use it.

Benefits provide three basic types of business value:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Strategic advantage over competitors

If a benefit doesn't do one of these three things, it's not a benefit.

Here are some examples of benefits. Each example mentions whether the benefit reduces costs, increases revenue, or provides strategic advantage.

  • Faster time to market increases sales, which increases revenue
  • Higher quality increases sales, which increases revenue
  • Improved productivity reduces costs
  • Reduced training time reduces costs
  • Better customer service increases customer loyalty, which increases revenue through repeat business and provides strategic advantage
  • Better information for management decision-making provides strategic advantage

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