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Merit Award

Merit award

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Download the ACIS Open Modeling Primer (1 M) as a PDF file.

The ACIS Open Modeling Primer explains the benefits of integrated, multiple-vendor modeling applications based on a standard, open software architecture. Spatial Technology's ACIS geometric modeler provides the foundation for these applications.


  • Help companies who sell open modeling applications built with the ACIS geometric modeler eliminate competition from vendors who sell proprietary modeling applications


  • C-level executives and VPs of technology at companies who are evaluating open modeling software products built with the ACIS geometric modeler
  • Senior engineering managers and developers who will make a purchasing recommendation
  • Representatives of trade journals and other media
  • Staff at client companies who need an easy-to-understand introduction to the ACIS Open Modeling concept


  • Make sure that the audience understands the business value of the ACIS Open Modeling concept
  • Explain the technology, features, and benefits clearly and simply
  • Provide the above information in an attractive, stimulating, and easy-to-browse format

Project Team

  • ACIS open modeling expert: David Prawel, Director of Marketing, Spatial Technology
  • Technical writer: Al Kemp, Impact Technical Publications
  • Designer and illustrator: Gayle Croissant-Madden, Primal Screens

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