Impact Technical Publications Sample Quick Reference Card
Quick Reference Card Cover

The Quick Reference Card fits into the printer's carrying case.

Download the quick reference card (210 K) as a PDF file.

The PENTAX PocketJet Quick Reference Card explains how to operate a 1.1 lb. portable printer.

For more information about the award-winning PocketJet printer, visit the Brother Mobile Solutions web page.

Letter from Satisfied User

"The PocketJet is an absolutely beautiful instrument. The instruction manual contains everything one needs to know, and is written for people who have other things to do with their lives besides playing with computers. The Quick Reference Card is beautifully laid out and very informative. In short, the entire PocketJet team really deserves the highest praise. You have done a fantastic job!"


  • Explain tasks that users perform after setting up the printer, such as charging the battery and making prints lighter or darker
  • Explain how to solve problems
  • Minimize user reliance on technical support
  • Make the quick reference card colorful and people-oriented


  • Users
  • Reviewers in the trade press

Project Team

  • PENTAX product publications expert: Bill Thomas, Senior Technical Writer, PENTAX Technologies
  • Technical writer: Al Kemp, Impact Technical Publications
  • Designer and illustrator: Gayle Croissant-Madden, Primal Screens

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