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Learning New Products

Because we work with many clients and many different types of high-tech products, we are experts at acquiring, assimilating, and communicating knowledge quickly.

If we don't know a product, we learn it using advanced interviewing, research, hands-on analysis, and other information acquisition techniques as we do the planning and design work.

We have captured and communicated the knowledge required to use many high-tech hardware, software, and telecommunications products and other types of equipment.

Hardware products and equipment include:

  • DSL modems
  • Routers
  • Network interface cards
  • Portable thermal printers
  • Pinfeed laser printers
  • Gas well controllers
  • Scientific instruments
  • Telephony equipment

Software products include systems that:

  • Analyze and report financial information
  • Automate the operation of plastics injection presses
  • Create custom 3-D modeling and CAD applications
  • Create custom product configuration and sales applications
  • Simulate particle accelerators
  • Simulate plasma physics
  • Monitor business activity and display business process and system resource data as images
  • Design data in DB2 and Oracle development environments
  • Support advertising sales, program scheduling, and accounting at television and radio stations
  • Configure customer-support call-center telecommunications capabilities
  • Process resumes
  • Provide administrative support for legal departments
  • Report employees' time
  • Take sales orders with pen-based laptop computers

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