Impact Technical Publications HDTV blues
We were exited! Steve Jobs said 2005 would be the year of HDTV. We believed him and bought a shiny, new 16:9 wide-screen TV.

We connected our DVD player to the new TV by following the instructions in the user guide for the DVD player (see example at right), and we sat down to watch a wide-screen DVD movie.

No such luck! The wide-screen movie was squashed down into the middle of the screen. The horizontal black bands were even bigger than when we watched wide-screen DVDs on our old 4:3 TV.

We dimly remembered reading in a home theater magazine about a setup problem with wide-screen TVs and DVD players.

We thumbed through the DVD player's user guide. On page 58 (!), under "Customizing the Function Settings" (see second example), we found the option we were looking for: TV Shape.

If the user guide had mentioned the "TV Shape" option in one of the notes on page 19 or - better yet - included it in the setup instructions, we would have been saved several hours of frustration.

It's not rocket science!

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