Impact Technical Publications Sample Help System

The Time Reporting System Help explains how to report time on electronic time sheets and submit them to supervisors for approval.

We created the Time Reporting System from scratch as a simple Web application with 11 Web pages. We then captured the knowledge required to use the application in a sample help system and user guide.

Our hypothetical Time Reporting System is complicated enough to require a help system and user guide and yet simple enough that we can post the complete help system and user guide on our Web site.

To view the help system, start the application by clicking the Time Reporting icon below. At any application window, click the Help button. The help system appears in a new window. You can move the help window and resize it.

When you are done examining the help system, close the application and help windows.

Please note: The application does not work; it is a set of static Web pages. (Application development is not one of our specialties!) Click a blinking button to move from one Web page to another. If a button does not blink, clicking it won't do anything. (If you are curious about a non-working button or data entry field, consult the help system!)

See the Time Reporting System's user guide.

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