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Need help writing a business case?

That's one of our specialties!

For an in-depth discussion of business case topics, see the first six books listed below.

The seventh book explains how to prepare a business plan. (Don't confuse business cases with business plans. They have little in common.)

The Business Case Guide (Second Edition)

Marty J. Schmidt

This book starts with an overview of basic concepts and then examines in detail both the contents of a business case and the process of developing a business case.

As Schmidt explains in Chapter 1, "The Business Case Guide is designed to help you understand the structure and the content that make a business case compelling and useful. It is also designed to lead you through the steps in developing a solid business case: defining the case, designing the case, developing cost and benefit data, analyzing the results, and packaging, presenting, and using the case."

Although at times the book bogs down in detail (the discussion of the date to put on the business case occupies the better part of a page!), it presents most of the material clearly and thoroughly. The two helpful appendixes contain a sample business case and an overview of financial metrics for those of us who need a refresher course in finance and accounting.

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BCA: Business Case Analysis

James W. Brannock describes this book as a "how to" guide for business and economic decisions that "shows a comprehensive, yet surprisingly easy to learn set of examples, concepts and techniques for conducting such studies. It offers a simple guide to basic analysis of business situations."

The 66-page chapter on "The 8-Day BCA" justifies the cost of the book. The chapter walks readers through the process of analyzing and developing a simple business case for replacing the personal computers in an office. The chapter includes explanations of all calculations in the example business case including net present value, total ownership costs, and cash flow.

Other chapters of interest:

  • "Economic Analysis," which discusses the concept of present value, breakeven analysis, savings-to-investment ratio, benefit-to-cost ratio, and payback among multiple projects

  • "Business Case Analysis Purpose and Events"

  • "Business Case Analysis Example of Final Presentation"; the example has 25 slides

Much of the rest of the book discusses - to quote the back cover - "economic and management science techniques." These techniques may be of limited interest to readers who want to master fundamentals quickly so that they can prepare an effective business case.

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Making the Software Business Case: Improvement by the Numbers

Donald J. Reifer

The author's primary goal is "to help you understand how to develop a successful business case. To help you learn, I present principles and case studies. Because of its importance, the book focuses on the process of business case development, not the case itself. After reading the book, your task is to generalize and apply what you have learned within your own work environment. As part of that effort, you will need to figure out what will work at your organization based on the advice offered here."

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Making Technology Investments Profitable: ROI Roadmap to Better Business Cases

Jack M. Keen and Bonnie Digrius

This book "helps executives and managers increase IT project success by using a process for identifying the true ROI value for proposed IT investments - 'Real ROI' - then tracking project results against that standard." (

Topics include:

  • Why IT projects falter and how astute business cases help save the day
  • How to recognize a trustworthy business case
  • The importance of good processes
  • Defining steps to building better business cases
  • Finding hidden value others miss
  • Using ROI storytelling to drive home the message
  • How vendors use business case ROI to help buyers buy better

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IT Investment: Making a Business Case

Dan Remenyi

Remenyi states in Chapter 1 that "a comprehensive IT investment business case involves a process which looks beyond financial estimates to the central business issues concerning the processes and practices that are the fundamental reasons why organizations invest in IT."

He points out that "a well-constructed business case or investment proposal is an important tool in the process of managing the IT investment itself."

The Effective Measurement and Management of IT Costs and Benefits (Second Edition)

Dan Remenyi, Arthur Money, Michael Sherwood-Smith, and Zahir Irani

This book "provides a basic framework for an understanding of the economic issues of information as well as some suggestions as to how a company's IT efforts may be appraised." (

Chapters include:

  • The elusive nature of IT benefits
  • Aspects of the IT investment decision process
  • Issues and techniques for IT evaluation
  • Identification of IT costs
  • IT cost control
  • IT business case accounting
  • Risk analysis
  • Designing IT surveys for benefit measurement
  • Evaluation and management

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Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide

Eric S. Siegel, Brian R. Ford, and Jay M. Bornstein

This book serves as a "how to" guide to develop the financial, organizational, and operational components of a business plan.

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